Wednesday, September 10

Apple's Nano 4G

While Tata's Nano is still stuck in Singur controversy and political mileage games, Apple's iPod Nano has got another upgrade.It grew taller and now comes with apple's new "genius" function, which identifies and plays tracks of similar tempo.

Apple yesterday showcased its 4th generation iPod Nano series. Check this link for Engadget's live coverage of the event. Engadget has detailed the new additions to this 4G Nano here.

Well, there is no relation between Tata's Budget car Nano and Apple's iPod Nano other than both of them sharing the same name and are aimed at the lower end of the market.

The Apple also came up with the second generation iPod Touch along with a moderate price drop. New iPod touch looks a tad better and also comes with the latest "Genius" function. 
After the launch of iPhone2.0 in july, everyone was expecting the second generation iPod Touch, and most speculations were that, iPod touch entry level will be re positioned at below $200 mark. Check the link for full coverage by engadget.