Friday, August 22

Apple iPhone3G NOW available

Yet another SMS invite for the  Apple iPhone product launch n sales, this one from reliance: "iPhone3G NOW available@iStore.Master the iconic iPhone from an Apple Product Expert only@iStore by Reliance Digital,Warden Rd.Call: 40040606.Get Reliance One Points           Reliance One(Reliance One)"

Me, being in Kerala, missed the huge iPhone cake n launch parties by Vodafone and Airtel. Out here, I was told that, the stores haven't received any of those coveted cubes nor have they received instructions on plan and rates.

That's sad story, many I know are wanting an iPhone desperately, as they see me typing this text, at ease on my v1.0 iPhone.

Today morning, I met two guys who reportedly paid an Airtel shop and a Vodafone store 5000 rupees each, as advance for Apple iPhones in July this year, They even showed me payment receipts supporting the same.

As per them, they were promised "4 GB iPhones" at Rs. 15k on the day of launch itself. The stores told them that those were specially made for India!


I wonder whether Mr. Jobs ever even thought of a 4 gb device, let alone making one only for India.

Anyways those guys have been promised a refund or an adjustment against bills if they purchase the iPhone as per the new published rates of Rs. 31,000 and was given a delivery date of September 12 2008.

I, I wont by this phone for a ridiculous price tag of Rs. 31k which is coupled with a pathetic voice and data plan, from both Airtel and Vodafone. I would rather go for the new Touch Diamond from HTC, at least it can do more , is cheaper and iPhone has been around for more than an year.!

Or  hmm...well

Am I saying all this because, I have been using an iPhone for an year now
, and thus finding the new one ridiculously overpriced? For even I shelled out near 30k equivalent in dollars way back in august 2007 to secure my iPhone. The first week of joy was indeed worth the 30k, so small wows and excitement this little device gives me, even now, its priceless.

Looking back at the experiences I had over my year of Apple iPhone experience, I take back my earlier comment that its overpriced, I now feel, its still under priced.

YES, its WORTH the 31k rupees in India.

And yes, the whole text above has been typed on my iphone's much criticized touchscreen keyboard using just my thumb!

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