Monday, August 4

sizing up: HTC Diamond,Apple iPhone and SE Experia X1

Roaming around, I got something interesting... a size comparison between HTC diamond, iPhone and SE experia X1.

Now after seeing this pictures, I find the SE Experia a bit clumsy and outdated in looks. HTC touch series, no doubt excels in looks, from touch to diamond all of the range are real classy in looks. Apple iPhone, probably after me using for an year, I don't really find it as a "wow, it looks cool" kind of design. It certainly was, last july.

SE eXperia, with its rather huge qwerty slider which made it clumsy, seems to have that true blue business phone looks. I certainly wont mind a bit more of bulk, if the Xperia can make use of its screen realestate to the optimum. Say, i wish Xperia X1can show 2 or more apps on screen at the same time, howabout my contacts or IM widget at the left end and a real web browser occupying the rest of the screen!, just the way we have it on widescreen notebooks.

For the browser, I expect something even better than iPhone, see iPhone has made people raise expectations. Before iPhone, I would hve been just happy with the old Windows mobile IE and the Opera mobile would make me jump in joy.

Not now, today we expect stuff better than iPhone. custom web apps, intelligent keyboards , the list goes on.

Credits; Via - SIBLB