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Sights@kerala - Celebrating our 82nd Hartal

An over enlightened Kerala
Celebrating our 82nd Hartal
Its the 82nd HARTAL, here in Kerala. A hartal is an equilant to a general strike plus no transportation, where, Road and rail transport are stopped , distrupted by pro hartal protesters by force.
Kerala was the first state to have banned road and rail blockage in the name of Hartal based on a order from the high court of Kerala. This order also held the pro hartal political parties responsible for damage to public property. That order have'nt made an impact, with 90% support for hartal coming in by way of public fear to venture out risking physical injury and damage to property.
So Kerala, today, woke up to its 82nd one, in ease. Well we are too much used to it. Children happy, not going to school, parents happy not working, all seems happy.
Here, We are politically over enlightened, having a problem with everything and anything to do with development and America. The above said being the root cause for most hartals announced in Kerala.
And we these days 'celebrate' hartals in style. My uncle had arranged for good chicken, drinks and movies yesterday itself. This hartal is a good thing in bringing families together. Nobody can travel or venture out for work and studies. That means, everyone is home, just like onam.
This year Kerala had, on an average, 4 hartals per month and there are still 4 more months to go. So here I am, enjoying this hartal, as a part of my vacation here, watching cricket along with pineapple shakes and tapioca chips.
I m loving it, but don't have a clue as to what is the reason for today's hartal. Someone told, its the rising inflation, but we had a hartal last week for that one. Probably because, last one didnt help bring down inflation.
But why are we malayalees worried about inflation? We still buy the most number of cars, pay the biggest telephone bills, buy LCD Televisions at ridiculously high prices and have the worlds largest jewellery shops dotting our small sleepy towns!
Instead, Shouldn't we be happy!, that dollar is strenghtening, that gold is getting weaker, and rubber prices are soaring. Common let's rejoice, we will get more rupees for the dollars we recieve from our brothers and cousins in gulf and America, we can buy even more gold and that white sticky gum you get by cutting rubber trees, that's getting costlier than gold.
If all that we enjoy is thanks to America and its international moves, why are we so averse to them, why do we pretend to hate bush and anything American?
Come let's announce another hartal for Friday, thanking America for having us work at its hospitals and IT companies, and thanking American dollar for strenghtening and making us even more richer.
I remember the Ramsteein Song - Amerika
Author: I am a true blue malayalee wondering and trying to Reason the contradicting political and economic signals send out by my little state of Kerala, also known as the Gods own Country. I couldnt include images as I didnt want to risk myself being pelted by rocks.

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