Saturday, August 2

More of X1 - Sony ericsson Experia X1

Even after becoming an iPhone fan and user, and with all the disappointment with SE over my experiences with K 850 and w910, I still seems to have a soft corner, deep inside liking for SE, especially the classy Sony Ericsson designs, beginning with T610 and T630, that liking is still there with me.

I was looking at the google analytics reports of my blog, and was astonished to see that this blog is among the top five links when searching for Sony ericsson experia and X1. Hmm, I am happy. Well that news led me across to the official Sony ericsson Experia x1 home page, neat and nicely done.

Deep inside, I am having this feeling, "Common Aron, try out the x1, SE wont go wrong on x1"

Check out the SE x1 homepage