Saturday, August 9

Aug 22, is the timing right?

Atlas, a confirmed launch date for Aplle 3G iphone on Indian Airtel networks. After many speculations, Aug 22 seems to be the D Day. Now that ET, BS and Bloomberg having published this news, and macWorld covering this story, it seems credible enough.

But, I dont understand why Airtel and Vodafone want to launch this in a hurry now, wouldnt it have been a better option to launch this along with their 3G offerings comming up at the end of this year. 
It would have been easier for them to push 3G and iPhone together as a package.Selling the iPhone without 3G network takes a bit of sheen of the iPhone, moreover, by the time 3G is launched, iPhone users would be used to EDGE network speeds and then a change at a higher price will be unlikely for many.

Apple iPhone on 3G would have given a steriod effect for
  1.  iPhone is the best handheld device for internet browsing
  2. 3G will accentuate the experience, especially the youtube and chat applications.
  3. iPhone 3G on grey market will be less competitive, hence operators do have time on their hands
  4. other than X1 experia by SE, no other handset in the near future is gona rival iPhone on the user interface, simplicity and internet browsing capabalities.

The argument that most of latest handsets in India is already 3G capable, I don't think anyone will pay for 3G networks to browse on the small screens of devices like SE k850. That is where iPhone has the advantage, seems like, its purely made for internet.
I still somehow feel the timing isnt just right for the iPhone launch in India, now that the 3G policy has been announced. 
I personally will upgrade to the iPhone 2.0 only after 3G network launch. Till that time, my iPhone 1.0 does the job very well.

A long with India, Apple is launching its star device in 20 different countries across the world including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru, Uruguay, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Romania, the Philippines, Hungary and Singapore. H
How many are apple guys manufacturing to feed all these countries. Though these countries arent economically as good as the list of countries were it was launched on July 11 ( excluding singapore and poland), they still should entice enough demand to keep the device in short supply.

Image Courtesy: Mobiletor 
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