Saturday, August 9

Ah, the Diamond of Windows Mobile : HTC touch diamond

Ah, the Diamond of Windows Mobile, hyped to be the iPhone Killer, reviver of Windows mobile based smart phones.

From the time Airtel in India launched HTC touch diamond as an exclusive at 26k, I have been tempted to jump for one. From the pictures, its touch flow interface looked way to classier than Apple's iPhone, and as all know, Windows mobile certainly does let the user do more.

But my only worry is, whether HTC Diamond will be at least as responsive as my iPhone, when viewing contacts and media files. The review by Trusted Reviews doesn't seems encouraging. Though the images look brilliant, as per the reviewer, Diamond is a laggard and keeps you waiting.

But the 3D Touchflo UI is so captivating, I need to go and check this handset out in detail and then decide whether its worth the switch from an Apple iPhone 1.0 to HTC diamond or Should I wait for the Apple iPhone 2.0 launch in India. I dont have the patience to wait till SE Experia launch in October end.