Wednesday, July 23

SE's upcoming W series models

SE's upcoming models in the most successful of their range, the Walkman series. The W 902 along with two lesser cousins in w5 and w3 series.

The W 902 boasts a quicker hardware + a 5 MP cam + an 8 GB flash card memory. It looks promising and builds on the key characteristics of SE design. SE continues its obsession with its compact candy bar form factor. SE engineers should have done improvements on the camera, earlier 5 MP k850i had pathetic and unpredictable camera.

I always wished the new w 902 to come with a little larger screen, at least 2.4 inch. The current screens are too small for viewing media or taking full advantage of mobile internet in 3g networks.I believe, the premium market that SE is trying to tap via the W 9 series expects the device to be good in both creating and viewing content, be it audio, video or text. Especially after using Apple i Phone, I feel SE screens are too small for viewing photos and video. No matter how good the cam is, viewing the just clicked photo is a integral part of the actual experience. SE lags behind even Nokia here.

Hope Sony Ericsson gets this one right in all aspects, else they are getting deeper into trouble. Already most of 'SE's 08 launches were disasters and profit guidance are going the way down. If this one doesn't come up well, it is gonna loose all the market share and fan following it gained over the period of successful models from w 800 to k810.

Former SE fan
News,Image courtesy: SE