Saturday, July 12

Cashing on the buzz around iPhone in India

Cash in on da buzz!!!

With all the buzz around Apple iPhone and the impending launch in India, rumor mills are churning out stories in dozens. The television news media has latched on to this, trying to get some TRP out of it. Poor journalist, with an over capacity of Hindi and regional news channels, there isn't enough news to be covered. So then Create news, news that catches the general audience's attraction. The case is the same, be it IBN or StarNews or AajTak. As far as India TV and rest of the gang, we anyways do not have any expectations.

For long, it have been Bollywood romance and ghost stories that were shown again and again to fill in the 24hrs channel time slots. At least for some, 24 hours looks like a long time. Then came dramatized crime scene investigations and intrusion to individual's privacy in the name of scandal and moral grounds. Practically peeped into cozy time that couples rarely get in the crowded cities of India, only too feed the voyeuristic eyes of an average Indian regional language news viewer.

But Now, all of a sudden, iPhone has caught their attention. If you want to be on tv, its easy, just call them up, they will come home and record your view on iPhone launch date and whatever you believe the price will be in India, and have it on "News" channel, aired as if you were a Apple or Vodafone Insider with credible information. Probably even NDTV and IBN live are forced to play themarket, they have to show what its audience like to see.

Just plain market dynamics.

But the height of both oppurtunism and being a fool and idiot together is happening in Kerala. I know people who have paid Rs 2500 to Rs 5000 as pre-order booking fees to a "Airtel Store representative" in return of being promised a phone on the launch day itself.

On checking with Apple, Airtel and Vodafone, both denied taking any advance and that, by registering at their site or by SMS, you will be just intimated prior to launch, but doesn't in anyway guaranty an iphone on launch day. It seems Airtel and Vodafone franchises in Kerala are making the most out of this hype. Those guys however claim that they are authentic and its a company scheme itself.

Its an irony that, people in Kerala which has a 100% literacy and social and demographic figures matching the West, has fallen for such tricks.

A Mallu iPhone fan

*image courtesy: Apple