Monday, June 30

Its raining

Its raining again

After those week long dry spells in June beginning, monsoon seems to
hve set in well. Its been raining allday since yesterday. Time to hit east to lonavla.

Friday, June 6

Rain is here

At last monsoon reached mumbai.
Everything have turned green overnight

Potholes are back too.. all in one night of rain!!

Thursday, June 5

Lesser known beaches of Kerala

Lesser known beaches of Kerala

This one is in Central Kerala, near the city of trissur. Not in the map of most visitors to Kerala, this beach and adjoining lake remains untouched and idle, the only presence being fishermen.

This is a better place to visit, if you are inclined to untouched natural beauty than 5 star resorts and hacks.

The backwater lake merges with Sea at this beach and depending on the water flow patterns, this confluence creates interesting patterns of sand bars which vary almost every day.

Take a ride on the ferry, cheapest way to enjoy the back waters, instead of renting a outrageously costly houseboats.

These images were taken on an iPhone by my friend on his recent visit to Kerala. Quality regretted. Imagine how good it would have looked, if it were taken on an SLR instead this iPhone.

Image Courtesy: Jammy