Monday, May 26

The next in Line - Sony ericsson experia X 1

The Sony Ericsson's X 1 - Experia has created enough ruffle and wows in the handset world, the fact that it achieved this without introducing any groundbreaking hardware or software changes makes it even more interesting.

My interest in the apple i phone was more to do with its radical and ingenious way of handling touch commands, its simplified user interface, which even my mother found too easy and simple!

But i just cant believe that the SE experia has caught my imagination with none of this. But I just loved its design, the sliding keyboard and super wide 800x420 screen.

The concept of home screen split into 9 customizable panels (as SE calls em) is interesting. Though i wont call it radical or innovative, seems like a good improvement over HTC's today screens and i phone's menu interface.

But this panel screens will open up a new channel for mobile content providers to beam in live content. Imagine 9 panels with 9 content providers, all providing the best content, trying to get your attention, all yelling, click me, click me.

I already have a list of panels, i would wish to have: Gmail & G talk, Delicious, Orkut, facebook, cnet, twitter, my company mail, you tube..well the list is endless I believe.

The interest on X1 or Sony Ericsson Experia, whatever you wish to call, is big. I just found an website/forum dedicated to just the X1. Just check out the X1Zone

Image Courtesy: X1 Zone