Monday, May 26

The next in Line - Sony ericsson experia X 1

The Sony Ericsson's X 1 - Experia has created enough ruffle and wows in the handset world, the fact that it achieved this without introducing any groundbreaking hardware or software changes makes it even more interesting.

My interest in the apple i phone was more to do with its radical and ingenious way of handling touch commands, its simplified user interface, which even my mother found too easy and simple!

But i just cant believe that the SE experia has caught my imagination with none of this. But I just loved its design, the sliding keyboard and super wide 800x420 screen.

The concept of home screen split into 9 customizable panels (as SE calls em) is interesting. Though i wont call it radical or innovative, seems like a good improvement over HTC's today screens and i phone's menu interface.

But this panel screens will open up a new channel for mobile content providers to beam in live content. Imagine 9 panels with 9 content providers, all providing the best content, trying to get your attention, all yelling, click me, click me.

I already have a list of panels, i would wish to have: Gmail & G talk, Delicious, Orkut, facebook, cnet, twitter, my company mail, you tube..well the list is endless I believe.

The interest on X1 or Sony Ericsson Experia, whatever you wish to call, is big. I just found an website/forum dedicated to just the X1. Just check out the X1Zone

Image Courtesy: X1 Zone

Saturday, May 24

PSP and Chains of Olympus

I always liked the look and feel of PSP Lite, especially its screen size, battery life and internet capabilities. But it was the release of GOW franchise's third and PSP exclusive - The Chains of Olympus that made me get a PSP atlast.

As any of the PS fans would be, Kratos has been the main reason for me to be with PS altime and Kratos comming on PSP essentially means that I should get one.

But, for even a Non PS fan, Kratos and his Chains of Olympus is just enough to make your PSP buy 100% worth the money.

From a visual standpoint, No Handheld game can challenge or even stand up to the God Of War: Chains of Olympus. Its been impressive in handling multiple charectors and heavylighting and changing backgrounds with utmost percision and quality, litterally giving you a feel of playing GOW series in a PS2.

They have managed to retain the heavy sets and even all the moves we are familiar with, and the canvas is huge, from Roman cities to Hades and more.

Scences move between motion video and in-game engine and look fantastic. The levels are varied and expansive and impressive judging by the size of PSP screenPSP's screen is small.

Headphones are a must when playing Chains of Olympus; it sounds fantastic. The well-known God of War theme is also back, and the whole soundtrack fits the action perfectly.

Now that its may, probably one should wait for the PSP GOW bundle annouced for the month of june @ $199. Check the sony press release here for details of there. It definitely looks cool.

Check out the Official Sony PSP page for GOW - Chains of Olmpus for some impressive media worth watching and sharing.

Image Courtesy: Joystix and Wikipedia

Thursday, May 22

Play of Lights

A message of sorts
Originally uploaded by PixelBoy.

A dingy alley looking so vibrant and attractive

A play of lights. I just loved this one. the lighting and angle of shot just brought beauty out of a pale trash can.

Image courtesy: Pixelboy, flickr

Wednesday, May 21

a Decent Cam

Wish somebody gifts me too an SLR, preferably a cannon Digital rebel.

Image courtesy: CalganX/Flickr

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Saturday, May 17


A typical sunset by the sea. This is a common view by the fishing
villages of Kerala.

Just that I realized the beauty of it only after being away from
Kerala for a long time and seeing the dusty skies of Mumbai. Not
mention Mumbai' a greasy beaches.

In God I trust; all others must pay cash!

Don Rawkeron

Arun Muralidhar

Sunday, May 11

VW Beetle

saw a cute little beetle, yesterday at hiranandani powai. well it isnt really small, when compared to my ford, it seems to have more space inside..!!

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