Saturday, April 26

Trendpedia (beta)

This is a cool site to compare trends


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Tuesday, April 22

Super Memory

Found this interesting article on having a lifelong super memory. the author has done considerable research in quoting a 300 yr history of research in improving memory.

The research gives us a different perspective of our learning systems,and from that what i have understood is that we have been focusing on learning more than how to remember the same after 2 yrs

How ever, i am not sure about the supermemo software and its effectiveness. It doesnt come on vista and hence couldn't try it.

View Original Article from WIRED magazine

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Sunday, April 13

SE Experia

Waiting for experiaSee the panel thing on screen. they seems to be like evolved thumbnail shortcuts. watch the video link to check out what panels can do.
below is a real image of Experia prototype

Ah, my perfect iPhone replacement is on its way. I have got bored of it. Running on windows mobile 6.1, and having a huge 800 by 380 screen, its a full function browser enabled phone. read more at or watch the video

I liked the Panel funda and the huge screen with slider qwerty typepad

I pray, this wont be a major disaster like my se k850i