Monday, December 31

Hilton Towers

Hilton towers in Marine Drive, Mumbai all lit up to welcome the New Year
Megas Alexandros

Arun Muralidhar

Wednesday, December 26

A rather Dull Christmas

Compared to Kerala, Christmas has been dull in Mumbai. This time I feel it was even more dull with no much lights around. Well Mumbai seems to celebrate Christmas along with Diwali, I find more stars on Windows during Diwali. The first time I saw stars on Diwali, I thought, Mumbai gets ready for Christmas 2 months in advance!

Monday, December 24

PSP Lite

I need this..

I have suddenly developed a facination for the new PSP lite, and I might go ahead and gift myself the same.
PS3 may wait.. so will Infinity Kappa 6.1 perfect

Sunday, December 9

Porsche in mumbai

Porsche on display at its south mumbai outlet


Sent using Gmail push on my SE K850i

Monday, December 3

Old pic

Smokey all excited and eager to get her new toy.

My wedding car

Last year, nov 23. Its 7 yrs old. Still looks good.


We on our way back from BLore.

High way

High way to home. I was trying to get the full moon. It didnt come out well with the moon looking like another street light.


We on our way back from BLore.

Smokey bored

Just before sleeping off


Smokey slept off while playing with her fav ball

Sunday, December 2

Tea shed

A view from the tea shed. Again a night shot using my k850i. I love the way the lights look in this pic.


Too good a vitara