Saturday, September 15

the wait for i pod touch

woke up this morning to this good news from my friend that Apple's god machine is hitting Indian shores shortly. billed to be in India by mid October with a +18k Indian Rupees sticker price, I think it will become on those most desired Diwali gift.

For all those who don't have that right contact in USA and don't have the heart to risk getting a Grey market i pod touch, there is only one option, and thats to wait.

Else, head for the nearest Grey market and book one now, yep i checked out, there is pre-order with Grey market also!!. 10 days ago, i was told that i pod touch would be available anytime soon. probably its already here. according to them, the Grey market price should settle at around +12k Indian Rupees for the 8 GB. Last month, video ipod 30 gb was available at 10k in the grey market while the actual ticker price was hovering above 15k Indian Rupees. that makes a proce tag of 12k Indian Rupees for an ipod touch in the Grey market believable.

so I am gona wait till October. thats just another 15 days ahead. It already have been a long wait and so 15 days makes sense to get a cool bargain.

One of my friends have gone ahead and and took a HTC touch, after being fed up waiting for that elusive iPhone. Might be the last laugh will be mine