Thursday, September 6

iPod Touch

Ahhhhhh.. my dream device is here.. There has been a long wait on whats going to be the latest update to iPod series. And as expected the wide screen iPod is here, for all those like me, who don't want to combine business cell and entertainment options together.

with this, all those who carry a blackberry and at the same time, wished to have an entertainer like i phone would be happy. Me toooo. N the best part is, i have lost my video i pod a month ago, and was wondering whether to wait or go for a new video i pod. Thankfully, Mr. Jobs seems to have heard my prayer sooner
I m just wondering why, the i pod touch is limited to 16 GB. reason must be high power requirement for the big screen. well, its really good that can browse using safari with wifi. wondering when is wifi really going to catch up in India.

For the time being i am just exited about the fact that I will get 90% of i phone features in this device. Moreover,as it isn't a cellular phone, no issues related to operator. no tie ups, plans to be unhappy about and all.
check out in details about i pod touch at the apple website, which also have some excellent video and images for i pod Touch.