Tuesday, September 4

God Of War Soundtrack

If you are of those die hard fans of God of War, check this out. You can download the orginal soundtrack of God of War using the torrent on this link. GOW OST

Its worth it. if you dont know to use a torrent, first download a torrent client like bittorrent or Azureus, then open the torrent file you download from the above link. rest everything the bittorrent client will do for you. remember leave the torrent to seed(share) as long as possible. its P2P

Contents of download:

God Of War Soundtrack

01_Escape From Madness.mp3 (1.23 megabyte)
02_The Vengeful Spartan.mp3 (2.57 megabyte)
03_Kratos and the Sea.mp3 (4.38 megabyte)
04_Have Faith.mp3 (2.56 megabyte)
05_The Splendor of Athens.mp3 (4 megabyte)
06_This City Will Be Your Grave.mp3 (837.99 kilobyte)
07_Ares Destroys Athens.mp3 (2.31 megabyte)
08_Mind the Cyclops.mp3 (4.03 megabyte)
09_Athenian Battle.mp3 (5.78 megabyte)
10_Exploring the Ruins.mp3 (3.81 megabyte)
11_Athens Rooftops Fighting.mp3 (4.92 megabyte)
12_Save the Oracle Challenge.mp3 (2.97 megabyte)
13_Kratos' Evil Past.mp3 (3.76 megabyte)
14_Too Late.mp3 (3.67 megabyte)
15_The Great Sword Bridge of Athena.mp3 (4.27 megabyte)
16_What the Oracle Spoke.mp3 (2.17 megabyte)
17_The Story of Chronos.mp3 (2.43 megabyte)
18_Battle the Lethal Sirens.mp3 (4.6 megabyte)
19_The Temple of Pandora.mp3 (1.18 megabyte)
20_Pandoran Cyclopes Attack.mp3 (3.2 megabyte)
21_The Architect's Mysteries.mp3 (3.74 megabyte)
22_Zeus' Wrath Divine.mp3 (5.69 megabyte)
23_The Underwater World of Poseidon.mp3 (5.69 megabyte)
24_Minotaur Boss Battle.mp3 (3.64 megabyte)
25_Burning Visions.mp3 (2.36 megabyte)
26_Pandora's Box.mp3 (1.92 megabyte)
27_Hades, God of the Underworld.mp3 (2.31 megabyte)
28_The Fury of Ares.mp3 (2.69 megabyte)
29_Duel With Ares.mp3 (4.53 megabyte)
30_Enthroned on Mount Olympus.mp3 (3.65 megabyte)
31_God of War End Title.mp3 (9.41 megabyte)

please check whether p2p is legal in your country before downloading