Tuesday, April 17

vacations in kerala

I found this rather simple and static website of a tour operator, vacation services provider in Kerala, the gods own country...

They call themselves, SMART HOLIDAYS

Thats wat made me have them here, I liked the name, and the explanation as to why they thier holiday, vacation plans are smarter.

Interestingly, almost everything in Kerala some way related to SMART. You have SMART city( the contreversial tech park), you have SMART water way(in pipeline), then the SMART WAY( essentially a controlled access express road way).. Now you have SMART HOLIDAYS.. I like that!!!!!!!!!!!

however, digging more, and later calling these guys up, i came to know about the incredibly cheap travel/vacation plans they offer for Kerala, India.

And they don't have a visa gateway or internet based booking, as the owner says " we believe in real one to one interaction" rather than asking our customer from some part of the world to pay for a package they have just read about.

On giving a call, they would give you with a few good referrals, and customer feedbacks and then can go ahead and create a tailer made package.. as to what you want to explore.

As to whether you want to do a slightly guided backpacking tour, or a well arranged luxury rejuvenation.. whether to explore unseen kerala, village life experience, farming or the Known kerala of beaches and back waters.. They have it all..

And, my self, being from Kerala, I can vouch for them..

However, I have on a impulsive decision, agreed top help them, make their, virtual world address a bit more appealing, a bit more interactive and seemingly look web2.0 style..

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