Sunday, April 15

Ulti -- played GOW II


I am the God of War.. I LL make you Suffer!!!

I had a taste of GOD of WAR II..

Should say, it was beyond my expectation.. the game play animation is just too fantastic, with no perceptable difference between the gameplay and storymode animations..

The battle of Collosus is awesome, with the first taste of palying Kratos - the god of war...

Sony team has too good imagination, never really thought, someone could come up with something better as a storyline.GOW II betters GOW in storyline, in gameplay in animation, i think it betters everywhere..

I havnt reached the Island of Sisters of Fate, as I am unlucky, to be in this part of the world, where GOW II isnt still released.. playin a pirated version, i should say, i am complelled to play a pirated version, which I got from Mumbai, n it bloody, got stuck on the way to Sisters of Fate.

I took 4 cds fromt heat guy, and 3 didnt work, as my PS2 said NO to it, and the 4 th one gets stuck every now and then.

Well, i has added to my resolve to get hold of a orginal God of War II dvd..i m Guys.. please launch it in India..

You know, I havnt touched m XBOX 360, after getting GOW II dvd.. I want an orginal, En I promise, i will kick the butt of my Rs. 27K XBOX360.
I dont even remember, when i Stopped playin Gears of War.. it has the so called detail, but of no use..

Kratos - The God of war Rules..