Thursday, April 26

Trivandrum rising

Hoping around, I found this interesting blog on Trivandrum. Named TVM rising, I am happily suprised to see another fellow malayali, who is optimistic to the core. The blog, isnt about bashing government and system, Its about vision, hope and expectation.

I read this article on Vizhinjam port, about how it could change the fate of Kerala, jobs, money development, prestige everything.. it brings hope back to me..

Good, as per his article, vizhinjam port is near reality, though what i hear is, it is a journey too far.

But as I read through his articles on Vizhinjam port, on TVM's new Airport and techparks, i somehow turned pessimistic or might be rather apprehensive about the whole thing.

Is this what really kerala wants? Are these infra boosts in sync with the underlying strenghts that kerala has. Kerala has always stood as an everest in social well being, in education, healthcare, citizen rights.. even topples many western countries on Sex ratios and birth control.

What are the strenghts, Kerala should leverage? what are the competencies kerala should build, acquire? more than all that, what is the one Big GOAL!

Have we identifies these, before we set sail to repeate Maharashtra or Gujarat model of development. Is that wat we need, arent we way ahead of them , when it comes to Social wellbeing.. After all, what is the purpose of all this development.. isnt it well being of its citizens.

Imagine what will happen when the mega vizinjam port comes up, super huge vessels and their effluents are gona turn kovalam sands greasy...the only national highway near Vizhinjam, NH 47 is going to be chock a block with trailor trucks. there will be a huge pressure on Land and water as vast tracks of cocunut trees would be cleared for warehouses.. ports naturally bring along allied services like ship maintenance, wrecking etc, i am worried.. it will turn turn Gods own country to hell. Even if they gona build a new highway, a smartway as called in Kerala, it would tear through those lovely hills, and split apart those age old underground water sytems that replenish groundwater in hilly tracks of kerala. If you dont believe me, go visit JNPT, it covera an area more than TVM dist. It brought in money and development, but is it the same that we malayali's want in their home land.

Kerala should leverage its core strenghts - Rock solid education, citizen awareness and hospitality.

Attract back all those brains we lost, built up more techparks, green ones like tvm technopark..create an ambeince for intellectual excellence.. that will bring more money than commodity exchange centers like ports. encourage research n development, bring in major international universities and rebrand kerala as a major higher education destination..

Kerala has done amazing progress in Tourism. I need not give suggestion on that, the campaigns have been always excellent.. i love them, even their latest one ..on the denim jeans.

Lets look at building a green Kerala, which will remain lush dark green, and always bring back memories of elephants with golden headgear against the backdrop of lush green palm trees.

A place romanticaly and intellectually stimulating.. A Paradise on Earth.

in love with Gods own Country


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