Tuesday, April 24

Kratos - The God of War


I got some information on KRATOS - the Ultimate Anti Hero in the history of entertainment
Thanks to wikipedia.

Creator - David Jaffe Voice - Terrence Carslon
Charector - Kratos - Background - before GOW game begins

Being born in Sparta, Kratos, the son of an unknown woman and the god ZEUS, became the ruthless captain of a rapidly growing army. Kratos also had a wife and daughter as well as a younger brother who had died when he was a child.

However, Kratos's army faced defeat and he faced his own death at the hands of the Barbarian king. Kratos thus called out to the God of War, and would sacrifice his soul in exchange for a Spartan victory and the sparing of his own life. Ares accepted the plea from this mighty mortal and descended from the sky onto the bloody battlefield, destroyed the barbarian army and imprisoned Kratos with the "Blades of Chaos": two Blades glowing with the fire of Rage and hatred. They were burned onto Kratos's arms, a permanent reminder of his Vow to the God of War. He then used them to behead the Barbarian king. Kratos's army went on to massacre all who defied Ares.

During a raid on a temple dedicated to Athena, Ares tricked Kratos into murdering his wife and only child. The village oracle then cursed him to bear their very ashes on his skin for as long as he lived, earning him the nickname "Ghost of Sparta."

Cratos (Kratos) Greek Mythological Hero

Kratos - God of war hero was created on the lines of the Orginal Kratos (also known as Cratos) of Greek Mythology. He was the son Pallas and was known to be the personification of Strenght and Power and would follow Zeus's orders blindly.

Zeus' justice, for Kratos, is the only possible justice. Kratos cannot understand how someone might fail to hate an enemy of Zeus. He shows an absolute identification of a slave with his master, taking Zeus' thoughts as his thoughts and Zeus' orders as his maxims. Kratos experiences no friendship or pity because he has no value system outside the one imposed on him by Zeus. The name Kratos means force, so as a representative of Zeus, this character demonstrates the nature of Zeus' rule.