Monday, April 16

Island of Rhodes

Seems there is a HD mode on GOW II - God of War II

Is it a prelude to God of War III - HD for PS3???

Click on the image and below post from for more inputs. Even I have to check it out

This is what gaygamer post says about GOW II HD:

"So, it seems that the website held more secrets than we first thought. An obsessive fan somehow figured out that there were hidden letters within the background image of the "Island of Rhodes" history screen. When clicked in the correct order, they spell Kratos which then reveals a second "Proceed" button. Clicking through takes you to another page with a third video and and another "Proceed" button. Clicking through then takes you to a page with a timed slider puzzle. One you solve the timed puzzle, another page is revealed that tells about a special HD mode that is built into the game that can only be used via a button code.

Finally, something truly worthwhile is uncovered on this site which drew the ire of many a fan when it debuted yesterday. But wait! What is this at the bottom of the HD explanation screen? Another button! This one says "You seek an audience with the Fates". Hmmmm... Clicking that

message brings us to... another countdown page! But this one is a little different. Above the countdown is what looks to be a portion of a logo! What could it be? God of War III perhaps? Only time will tell!

Make the jump to see the "Kratos" code! To see the "HD" code, click the image above for a full sized screen!

The Kratos code to reveal the third video page that leads to the slide puzzle page is as follows.

Kappa (under iota, middle right)

Rho (upper left corner)

Alpha (bottom right, left of soldier's waist)

Theta (under upsilon)

Omega (upper right)

Sigma (bottom right, by soldier's foot)

Remember that these letters are hidden in the background image of the Island of Rhodes history screen."

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