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GOW II - Soundtracks

GOD of War II - Soundtracks

This release further defines the gaming genre as a source for a comprehensive entertainment medium.Original orchestral pieces are featured alongside electronic and hard rock music, including exclusive songs by Junkie XL and Shadows Fall. The soundtrack also includes music from TraGic, a.k.a. George Doman, the winner of last year's the "God of Noise" original song contest.

"The popular response to the original God of War in-game score and soundtrack was so overwhelming, we wanted to take it one step further with the sequel by delivering more of the signature God of War II sound and in addition, give fans a solid soundtrack that features both orchestral pieces of in-game music and also bonus original tracks created exclusively for us by Junkie XL and Shadows Fall that were inspired by the score of the game," said Chuck Doud, Director of Music, SCEA. "In addition, our God of Noise contest winner, George Doman, will be featured on the God of War II soundtrack."

"God of War II"Format: CD/Downloads

1. God of War II-Main Titles Gerard K. Marino
2. The Glory of Sparta Mike Reagan
3. The Way of the Gods Gerard K. Marino
4. Colossus of Rhodes Gerard K. Marino
5. The Bathhouse Mike Reagan
6. Death of Kratos Gerard K. Marino
7. The End Begins Gerard K. Marino
8. Typhon Mountain Mike Reagan
9. Waking the Sleeping Giant Cris Velasco
10. Battle for the Skies Mike Reagan
11. Exploring the Isle Gerard K. Marino
12. The Isle of Creation Cris Velasco
13. The Summit of Sacrifice Ron Fish
14. An Audience with Cronos Ron Fish
15. The Barbarian King Returns Cris Velasco
16. Bog of Lost Souls Ron Fish
17. Battle in the Bog Mike Reagan
18. Crossing the Lowlands Gerard K. Marino
19. Atlas Ron Fish
20. Palace of the Fates Ron Fish
21. Phoenix Rising Cris Velasco
22. Ashen Spire Gerard K. Marino
23. Athena Mike Reagan
24. The Battle for Olympus Gerard K. Marino
25. Junkie XL Colossus Remix Junkie XL
26. Blood of Destiny Shadows Fall
27. God-Like George "TraGiC" Doman
28. Atlas Remembers Gerard K. Marino
29. Kratos and Atropos Ron Fish
30. Pursuing Destiny Cris Velasco
31. Theme of Fates Gerard K. Marino