Thursday, April 26

Trivandrum rising

Hoping around, I found this interesting blog on Trivandrum. Named TVM rising, I am happily suprised to see another fellow malayali, who is optimistic to the core. The blog, isnt about bashing government and system, Its about vision, hope and expectation.

I read this article on Vizhinjam port, about how it could change the fate of Kerala, jobs, money development, prestige everything.. it brings hope back to me..

Good, as per his article, vizhinjam port is near reality, though what i hear is, it is a journey too far.

But as I read through his articles on Vizhinjam port, on TVM's new Airport and techparks, i somehow turned pessimistic or might be rather apprehensive about the whole thing.

Is this what really kerala wants? Are these infra boosts in sync with the underlying strenghts that kerala has. Kerala has always stood as an everest in social well being, in education, healthcare, citizen rights.. even topples many western countries on Sex ratios and birth control.

What are the strenghts, Kerala should leverage? what are the competencies kerala should build, acquire? more than all that, what is the one Big GOAL!

Have we identifies these, before we set sail to repeate Maharashtra or Gujarat model of development. Is that wat we need, arent we way ahead of them , when it comes to Social wellbeing.. After all, what is the purpose of all this development.. isnt it well being of its citizens.

Imagine what will happen when the mega vizinjam port comes up, super huge vessels and their effluents are gona turn kovalam sands greasy...the only national highway near Vizhinjam, NH 47 is going to be chock a block with trailor trucks. there will be a huge pressure on Land and water as vast tracks of cocunut trees would be cleared for warehouses.. ports naturally bring along allied services like ship maintenance, wrecking etc, i am worried.. it will turn turn Gods own country to hell. Even if they gona build a new highway, a smartway as called in Kerala, it would tear through those lovely hills, and split apart those age old underground water sytems that replenish groundwater in hilly tracks of kerala. If you dont believe me, go visit JNPT, it covera an area more than TVM dist. It brought in money and development, but is it the same that we malayali's want in their home land.

Kerala should leverage its core strenghts - Rock solid education, citizen awareness and hospitality.

Attract back all those brains we lost, built up more techparks, green ones like tvm technopark..create an ambeince for intellectual excellence.. that will bring more money than commodity exchange centers like ports. encourage research n development, bring in major international universities and rebrand kerala as a major higher education destination..

Kerala has done amazing progress in Tourism. I need not give suggestion on that, the campaigns have been always excellent.. i love them, even their latest one ..on the denim jeans.

Lets look at building a green Kerala, which will remain lush dark green, and always bring back memories of elephants with golden headgear against the backdrop of lush green palm trees.

A place romanticaly and intellectually stimulating.. A Paradise on Earth.

in love with Gods own Country


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Tuesday, April 24

Kratos - The God of War


I got some information on KRATOS - the Ultimate Anti Hero in the history of entertainment
Thanks to wikipedia.

Creator - David Jaffe Voice - Terrence Carslon
Charector - Kratos - Background - before GOW game begins

Being born in Sparta, Kratos, the son of an unknown woman and the god ZEUS, became the ruthless captain of a rapidly growing army. Kratos also had a wife and daughter as well as a younger brother who had died when he was a child.

However, Kratos's army faced defeat and he faced his own death at the hands of the Barbarian king. Kratos thus called out to the God of War, and would sacrifice his soul in exchange for a Spartan victory and the sparing of his own life. Ares accepted the plea from this mighty mortal and descended from the sky onto the bloody battlefield, destroyed the barbarian army and imprisoned Kratos with the "Blades of Chaos": two Blades glowing with the fire of Rage and hatred. They were burned onto Kratos's arms, a permanent reminder of his Vow to the God of War. He then used them to behead the Barbarian king. Kratos's army went on to massacre all who defied Ares.

During a raid on a temple dedicated to Athena, Ares tricked Kratos into murdering his wife and only child. The village oracle then cursed him to bear their very ashes on his skin for as long as he lived, earning him the nickname "Ghost of Sparta."

Cratos (Kratos) Greek Mythological Hero

Kratos - God of war hero was created on the lines of the Orginal Kratos (also known as Cratos) of Greek Mythology. He was the son Pallas and was known to be the personification of Strenght and Power and would follow Zeus's orders blindly.

Zeus' justice, for Kratos, is the only possible justice. Kratos cannot understand how someone might fail to hate an enemy of Zeus. He shows an absolute identification of a slave with his master, taking Zeus' thoughts as his thoughts and Zeus' orders as his maxims. Kratos experiences no friendship or pity because he has no value system outside the one imposed on him by Zeus. The name Kratos means force, so as a representative of Zeus, this character demonstrates the nature of Zeus' rule.

Monday, April 23

God of War II - Story Line - Q&A with GOW II write...

God of War II - Story Line - Q&A with GOW II writers
I was searching for more detailed story line for God of War II and came across this niche website. They have indept info and have a few cool interviews with the GOW II team. i have
added a few below. check out Ncroal for more.
This website had a Q&A with GOW II writers J.M. Barlog and Marianne Krawczyk. two discussed how they worked with Sony Santa Monica, as well as the balancing act required to create cutscenes that are long enough to be engaging, but short enough to avoid keeping players on the sidelines for too long.
"Many a God of War II discussion revolved around keeping Kratos true to his character, which wasn't as easy as it seems. Every time he started to act in a noble manner, we knew it wasn't him, and we'd have to stop and rethink. It's not any different from writing any character, really. In the original God of War, I used to drive David Jaffe crazy with the comparison of Kratos to Tony Soprano, but I still stand by it. Kratos is a guy that kills for a living, yet, like Soprano, he has this whole family life that makes him easier for us to relate to, and therefore he is a sympathetic character. This is no different in God of War II when you think about the relationship between Kratos and Zeus. The son taking the place of the father is a natural progression and is often met with conflict. Kratos is just being who he is, and who he is involves a fully developed life outside of his bad ass, sword swinging, blood lusting ways, and that keeps us sympathetic to his plight."
"A television executive producer once told me that good writing is not in the black and white, but rather in the gray. Life is not black or white. Generally, it's an infinite palette of gray. Combine this with something else I've learned, that everybody in a scene wants something, even if it's just a glass of water, and we get our morally gray worlds."

"Gaia wants to regain control from the Olympians, and Zeus wants to maintain control of what he has. Kratos has his eye on taking down Zeus. Even in the scenes where we learn about the Great War, it's skewed so that everyone has their point of view they want to convey. It's not all that different from what we experience every day, and ultimately, it makes for a more truthful experience as you play".

"Many writers of screen and page will tell you it's a great villain that makes for a great story. Videogames should be no different. While we all relate to the heroes, present us with a mealy-mouthed villain and we come away unsatisfied. A great villain makes for a greater hero, even if that hero is flawed. And I'm not sure any hero could be more flawed than Kratos."
Text in blue from Ncroal
check out Ncroal for a classy detailed Q&A with God of war II storyline creators. Its too good, any one who loves GOW should read it.

Saturday, April 21

300 Men n me

300 Men N me... No it wasnt a dream .. its true.. n they made a movie about my past life.. DA spartan

check more on 300 @300 and the battle of thermophylae

Tuesday, April 17

vacations in kerala

I found this rather simple and static website of a tour operator, vacation services provider in Kerala, the gods own country...

They call themselves, SMART HOLIDAYS

Thats wat made me have them here, I liked the name, and the explanation as to why they thier holiday, vacation plans are smarter.

Interestingly, almost everything in Kerala some way related to SMART. You have SMART city( the contreversial tech park), you have SMART water way(in pipeline), then the SMART WAY( essentially a controlled access express road way).. Now you have SMART HOLIDAYS.. I like that!!!!!!!!!!!

however, digging more, and later calling these guys up, i came to know about the incredibly cheap travel/vacation plans they offer for Kerala, India.

And they don't have a visa gateway or internet based booking, as the owner says " we believe in real one to one interaction" rather than asking our customer from some part of the world to pay for a package they have just read about.

On giving a call, they would give you with a few good referrals, and customer feedbacks and then can go ahead and create a tailer made package.. as to what you want to explore.

As to whether you want to do a slightly guided backpacking tour, or a well arranged luxury rejuvenation.. whether to explore unseen kerala, village life experience, farming or the Known kerala of beaches and back waters.. They have it all..

And, my self, being from Kerala, I can vouch for them..

However, I have on a impulsive decision, agreed top help them, make their, virtual world address a bit more appealing, a bit more interactive and seemingly look web2.0 style..

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Monday, April 16

God of War II HD

Check out the HD gameplay instructions as per Island of Rhodes.Org.

*thanks to

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Island of Rhodes

Seems there is a HD mode on GOW II - God of War II

Is it a prelude to God of War III - HD for PS3???

Click on the image and below post from for more inputs. Even I have to check it out

This is what gaygamer post says about GOW II HD:

"So, it seems that the website held more secrets than we first thought. An obsessive fan somehow figured out that there were hidden letters within the background image of the "Island of Rhodes" history screen. When clicked in the correct order, they spell Kratos which then reveals a second "Proceed" button. Clicking through takes you to another page with a third video and and another "Proceed" button. Clicking through then takes you to a page with a timed slider puzzle. One you solve the timed puzzle, another page is revealed that tells about a special HD mode that is built into the game that can only be used via a button code.

Finally, something truly worthwhile is uncovered on this site which drew the ire of many a fan when it debuted yesterday. But wait! What is this at the bottom of the HD explanation screen? Another button! This one says "You seek an audience with the Fates". Hmmmm... Clicking that

message brings us to... another countdown page! But this one is a little different. Above the countdown is what looks to be a portion of a logo! What could it be? God of War III perhaps? Only time will tell!

Make the jump to see the "Kratos" code! To see the "HD" code, click the image above for a full sized screen!

The Kratos code to reveal the third video page that leads to the slide puzzle page is as follows.

Kappa (under iota, middle right)

Rho (upper left corner)

Alpha (bottom right, left of soldier's waist)

Theta (under upsilon)

Omega (upper right)

Sigma (bottom right, by soldier's foot)

Remember that these letters are hidden in the background image of the Island of Rhodes history screen."

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Sunday, April 15

Ulti -- played GOW II


I am the God of War.. I LL make you Suffer!!!

I had a taste of GOD of WAR II..

Should say, it was beyond my expectation.. the game play animation is just too fantastic, with no perceptable difference between the gameplay and storymode animations..

The battle of Collosus is awesome, with the first taste of palying Kratos - the god of war...

Sony team has too good imagination, never really thought, someone could come up with something better as a storyline.GOW II betters GOW in storyline, in gameplay in animation, i think it betters everywhere..

I havnt reached the Island of Sisters of Fate, as I am unlucky, to be in this part of the world, where GOW II isnt still released.. playin a pirated version, i should say, i am complelled to play a pirated version, which I got from Mumbai, n it bloody, got stuck on the way to Sisters of Fate.

I took 4 cds fromt heat guy, and 3 didnt work, as my PS2 said NO to it, and the 4 th one gets stuck every now and then.

Well, i has added to my resolve to get hold of a orginal God of War II dvd..i m Guys.. please launch it in India..

You know, I havnt touched m XBOX 360, after getting GOW II dvd.. I want an orginal, En I promise, i will kick the butt of my Rs. 27K XBOX360.
I dont even remember, when i Stopped playin Gears of War.. it has the so called detail, but of no use..

Kratos - The God of war Rules..

Monday, April 9

GOW II - Soundtracks

GOD of War II - Soundtracks

This release further defines the gaming genre as a source for a comprehensive entertainment medium.Original orchestral pieces are featured alongside electronic and hard rock music, including exclusive songs by Junkie XL and Shadows Fall. The soundtrack also includes music from TraGic, a.k.a. George Doman, the winner of last year's the "God of Noise" original song contest.

"The popular response to the original God of War in-game score and soundtrack was so overwhelming, we wanted to take it one step further with the sequel by delivering more of the signature God of War II sound and in addition, give fans a solid soundtrack that features both orchestral pieces of in-game music and also bonus original tracks created exclusively for us by Junkie XL and Shadows Fall that were inspired by the score of the game," said Chuck Doud, Director of Music, SCEA. "In addition, our God of Noise contest winner, George Doman, will be featured on the God of War II soundtrack."

"God of War II"Format: CD/Downloads

1. God of War II-Main Titles Gerard K. Marino
2. The Glory of Sparta Mike Reagan
3. The Way of the Gods Gerard K. Marino
4. Colossus of Rhodes Gerard K. Marino
5. The Bathhouse Mike Reagan
6. Death of Kratos Gerard K. Marino
7. The End Begins Gerard K. Marino
8. Typhon Mountain Mike Reagan
9. Waking the Sleeping Giant Cris Velasco
10. Battle for the Skies Mike Reagan
11. Exploring the Isle Gerard K. Marino
12. The Isle of Creation Cris Velasco
13. The Summit of Sacrifice Ron Fish
14. An Audience with Cronos Ron Fish
15. The Barbarian King Returns Cris Velasco
16. Bog of Lost Souls Ron Fish
17. Battle in the Bog Mike Reagan
18. Crossing the Lowlands Gerard K. Marino
19. Atlas Ron Fish
20. Palace of the Fates Ron Fish
21. Phoenix Rising Cris Velasco
22. Ashen Spire Gerard K. Marino
23. Athena Mike Reagan
24. The Battle for Olympus Gerard K. Marino
25. Junkie XL Colossus Remix Junkie XL
26. Blood of Destiny Shadows Fall
27. God-Like George "TraGiC" Doman
28. Atlas Remembers Gerard K. Marino
29. Kratos and Atropos Ron Fish
30. Pursuing Destiny Cris Velasco
31. Theme of Fates Gerard K. Marino

GOW I - Soundtracks

GOW - God of War

God of War Soundtrack

Track listing

  1. "Escape From Madness" (Gerard Marino) – 0:38

  2. "The Vengeful Spartan" (Gerard Marino) – 1:21

  3. "Kratos and the Sea" (Gerard Marino) – 2:21

  4. "Have Faith"(Gerard Marino) – 1:21

  5. "The Splendor of Athens" (Mike Reagan) – 2:09

  6. "This City Will Be Your Grave" (Gerard Marino) – 0:24

  7. "Ares Destroys Athens" (Mike Reagan) – 1:13

  8. "Mind the Cyclops" (Mike Reagan) – 2:09

  9. "Athenian Battle" (Mike Reagan) – 3:07

  10. "Exploring the Ruins" (Winifred Phillips) – 2:02

  11. "Athens Rooftops Fighting" (Gerard Marino) – 2:39

  12. "Save the Oracle Challenge" (Gerard Marino) – 1:35

  13. "Kratos' Evil Past" (Gerard Marino) – 2:01

  14. "Too Late" (Gerard Marino) – 1:58

  15. "The Great Sword Bridge of Athena" (Gerard Marino) –2:17

  16. "What the Oracle Spoke" (Gerard Marino) –1:09

  17. "The Story of Cronus" (Gerard Marino) – 1:17

  18. "Battle the Lethal Sirens" (Mike Reagan) – 2:28

  19. "The Temple of Pandora" (Ron Fish) – 0:36

  20. "Pandoran Cyclopes Attack" (Ron Fish) – 1:42

  21. "The Architect's Mysteries" (Ron Fish) – 2:00

  22. "Zeus' Wrath Divine" (Cris Velasco) – 3:04

  23. "The Underwater World of Poseidon" (Winifred Phillips) – 3:04

  24. "Minotaur Boss Battle" (Cris Velasco) – 1:57

  25. "Burning Visions" (Ron Fish) – 1:15

  26. "Pandora's Box" (Winifred Phillips) – 1:00

  27. "Hades, God of the Underworld" (Cris Velasco) – 1:13

  28. "The Fury of Ares" (Ron Fish) – 1:26

  29. "Duel With Ares" (Mike Reagan & Cris Velasco) – 2:26

  30. "Enthroned on Mount Olympus" (Winifred Phillips) – 1:57

  31. "God of War End Title" (Gerard Marino) – 5:06