Saturday, March 10

socio networkin

I chanced upon this IndiBlog and a take on orkut vs bebo. should be rare stuff, someone really dscussin bebo this days.. or is it really that good. I forgot bebo the day i got an invite or orkut..way back in 2004.. n till now never looked back..
well th eblog entry was also talkin abt the social networkin inviting trouble, and that bebo is far superior to orkut.. n latter a much patriotic comment ..indians r good techies, n should come up with a better bein one of the contenders for that position.. i believe.
well, I m proud to be an indian, i accept that we have an edge on basic and to an extend even high end tech skills.. but are we still ready for..thinkin out of the box...we will soon, but, on an average, a basic indian would be thinking of survival, rather than creative satisfaction, cause we have been in a socio economic setup - where all of our life, we work towards meetin both ends.. and accomplishing even that was an, slowly as we open up, savor the litle new found sucess and wealth, over a period of time, as a collective entity, our motives in life will cange, from basic existence to much higher levels of aspirations.
Hmm I used to use bebo way long back... When it was more used to remember friends’ b’days... hv’nt checked it recently. But orkut has been a phenomenon…Have been on it since 2004.

On spam n abuse, technology is always 2sided, be it nuclear fission or social networking... the onus of were to draw the line is always with the user...u cant say a ZMA or Pulsar is bad n stop making it, jus because some idiots mimicked john and crashed. Same here

I remember a time, when the problems of fake accounts in yahoo/IRC chat were discussed like a national issue years before...

But, by now, most of us know, were to draw the line. It happened with cam phones also. Rather than going behind the sites, let the users become aware, let the energy, now being spend on trying to stop orkut n youtube be used to spread awareness.