Wednesday, March 14

Games - innovation awards?

I was goin through my usual fav sites and saw this article on best games - innovation list from

Thats interesting.. And as it should be, it features my alltime fav - God of War and my stressbreaker - burnout.but they left out Prince of Persia, i liked the way it climbs walls and the revive funda..
Anyways this is wat they say
God of War
Need I say anything about GOW, I don't think so. Kratos is one anti-hero that made every gamer realize that your PS2 isn't dead yet. With its cinematic presentation, brilliant design and captivating soundtrack, GOW raced to the top of the every gamer's favorites list. The most innovative boss battles that were so fresh as compared to other hack and slash games. GOW was famous for its boss battles and its replay value, with GOW 2 we can expect even more. "

Burn Out

Burnout is like RoadRash with cars, even better. The game took racing to a new level, a new level of destruction. With cars flying all over the cliffs and highways as you take the down. The idea of a racing game that included combat with out grenade launchers and mines was fantastic. It worked great as Burnout is highly popular and is a favorite with all racing fans. A multiplayer delight best enjoyed with a group of friends.

Shadow of Colossus

Another PS2 exclusive that is a must play, Shadow of Colossus was a great game. The game revolved around a young prince and his quest to save his love, the only way he could that was by killing a more than a few really huge titans called Colossus. The prince would distract the colossus and attack their vital points, till finally they fall down to their feet. Some of these titans were so huge you can't see them fully in a single frame; you have to move your view really high to be able to see them fully. The game included horse riding, a lot of magic and a great soundtrack.

Thats one game i hvnt tried out.. soon will..n GOW II will be the priority