Friday, March 23

More on Google Phone

More news on how n what is Google Phone..

I dont know why people are calling it Google Switch!!!!!!!!!!

This version of the mythicalGooglePhone story is said to be the result of a collaboration with Samsung. Of course, it's a button-less touchscreen device with GPS built-in for pinpoint navigation around Google Maps. The phone's contact program said to be an extended version of Gtalk combining Gmail, text and instant messaging. The device doesn't have any on-board storage. All your applications are served up over the network with new apps "attached" to your account via a web interface. So what is it... the real deal or engorged fanboy fantasy?

But wat adds substance to this version is the Google's press release on its cooperation with Samsung to enable "trouble free, one touch" internet access.

Samsung and Google Align to Create Rich Experience for Mobile Phone Users

Worldwide Cooperation ensures quick and easy access to GoogleTM search, Google MapsTM for mobile, and a fast, new GmailTM application for Samsung enthusiasts worldwide.

Samsung mobile phones equipped with GoogleTM applications will enable consumers to search information, find locations, and manage their email on the move. Samsung's mobile phones offer today's latest technologies with unique applications and mobile designs. Now, the combination of GoogleTM applications and Samsung's advanced mobile devices represents two companies' dedication to offering a hassle-free mobile Internet experience for consumers world-wide. Beginning in early 2007, selected Samsung phones will be provided with a range of GoogleTM products and services aimed to create a more dynamic user experience, including:

GoogleTM search: Samsung handsets will include a GoogleTM icon in the application menu, providing users with one-click access to GoogleTM search

Google MapsTM for mobile: Also featured on Samsung handsets will be Google MapsTM for mobile, an application that enables users to view maps and satellite imagery, find local businesses, and get driving directions when they're on the go

GmailTM: GmailTM for mobile devices, a new application that brings more speed, convenience, and functionality to the mobile GmailTM experience, will also be available on Samsung handsets

Samsung has already launched, the Ultra Edition 13.8 (SGH-Z720), its first mobile handset installed with GoogleTM mobile search and GmailTM services. The slim 3G Z720 is only 13.8mm in thinness, is HSDPA ready, and comes with a 3-megapixel camera, MP3 Player, and Bluetooth connectivity. The HSDPA connectivity combined with embedded an Internet browser and GoogleTM mobile services will provide users with a rich mobile Internet experience. Future models will also be Google-ready as consumers continue to demand trouble-free mobile Internet access. Consumers will enjoy and appreciate Samsung's simple-to-use user interface and Google's familiarity for an effortless mobile Internet experience.

"We are very thrilled to introduce Samsung mobiles with one-click access to Google services. Our cooperation with Google exemplifies our commitment to leading the evolution from the fixed-Internet era to a mobile Internet era and ushering in a ubiquitous world where mobile enables our consumers to access information about anything, anywhere, anytime," said Kitae Lee, President of Samsung's Telecommunication Network Business. "Samsung and Google will enhance users' mobile experience with a powerful, yet easy-to-use handset with simple access to information and personal management."

"Google is dedicated to providing users around the world with easier access information and services when they are mobile. Working with an industry leader like Samsung is a great way to accomplish that," said Deep Nishar, director of wireless products and strategy for Google Inc. "Improving the mobile user experience is of paramount importance to both Samsung and Google, and by working together we'll be able to bring the power, functionality, and convenience of GoogleTM search, Google MapsTM for mobile, and GmailTM for mobile devices to millions of Samsung users across the globe."

I am too excited abt the fact that, my email box, sms box, phone contact list, and IM list will all merge into one single app...wahhh

Thursday, March 22

A google Phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

after Apple's entry into mobile communication devices, rumors are strong about a mobile device from Google. well i cant even imagine as to what are they gonna pack into the device, with Google doing all the things thought impossible... will it too have a memory that keeps increasing every day!!

It appears that a Google phone may indeed be in the works, according to an interview with Google Spain CEO, Isabel Aguilera. Whether or not it turns out to be anything like an i phone competitor remains to be seen, but the Google exec did say that a mobile device is one of 18 projects that Google is working on.

Of course, this is still very much in vapor ware stage, but hearing this from someone within the company fold does lend some credence to a Google gadget of some kind, right? Well, we can hope anyway.

Wednesday, March 14

GOW II - here

Check out the new review for the sequel to the Ultimate PS2 game - GOW II from game Spot
God of War II is another violent and highly entertaining achievement for the action adventure genre, and it's a fitting closeout to the PlayStation 2 era.

The Good: More of the gory, over-the-top action you've come to expect from this series; fantastically paced, with some ingenious puzzle designs; scale of some of the levels is unbelievably massive; superb graphics and sound; several more bosses than the first game.

The Bad: Combat is overly straightforward at times and still prone to button mashing; ending leaves you hanging.
It comes for 49$...

GameSpot Review
9.2 superb
Gameplay 9
Graphics 9
Sound 9
Value 8
Tilt 10
Learning Curve: About a half hour
God of War II
Publisher: SCEA Developer: SCEA
Release Date: Mar 13, 2007
We Say9.2
You Say9.6(510 votes)
They Say9.5(18 reviews)
Rank: 1 of 36,625 8
Rank on PS2: 1 of 2,677
Player Reviews:
Wish Lists: 9,536
Collections: 213
Now Playing: 122
Tracking: 14,489
It's hard to imagine a better swan song for the PlayStation 2 than God of War II. Though it's not destined to be the very last game for the system, it doesn't seem likely that anything else will come along in the coming months to trump what God of War II achieves. As the sequel to 2005's megapopular action adventure set within the basic confines of Greek mythology, it continues the agonizing and rage-fueled odyssey of the world's angriest man-god, Kratos, as he goes on another epic vengeance bender. It's an altogether familiar adventure in many ways, with a lot of gameplay mechanics held over that haven't necessarily been improved in any meaningful capacity, but that's not to suggest the game isn't better overall. God of War II is a brilliantly paced, tightly crafted piece of work that's as intelligently designed as it is thrilling to play. In short, it's exactly what you would want from a sequel to God of War.
God of War II picks up not terribly long after the original game's end (meaning if you haven't played the first game, you ought to before checking this one out, both for story continuity purposes, and because God of War is awesome), with Kratos having exacted his revenge upon the previous god of war, Ares, and assumed his role on Mount Olympus. But even with all these newfangled godly powers, Kratos is unsatisfied. He continues to command the Spartan army and directs them to tear through the known world, conquering city after city. This utter disregard for the other citizens of Greece displeases the pantheon, and Kratos suddenly finds himself on the outs with the Olympians. Betrayed by Athena and seemingly killed by Zeus, Kratos is rescued by Gaia of the Titans, the old race that the gods felled to eventually take power on Olympus. Gaia instructs Kratos that his fate can be changed, but only if he can reach the ridiculously remote temple that houses the Sisters of Fate. What follows is an epic and daunting journey that has Kratos suffering through trials that make his last outing seem like a lighthearted romp in comparison.

It's an interesting tale that God of War II tells, almost more so because so much of it is about what happens around Kratos, rather than Kratos himself. The game spends long stretches focusing on the myths and legends that surround the battles between the gods and the Titans, setting up backstory for the mess that Kratos has gotten himself involved in. In this regard, there's a bit less of an emotional connection to this game. You don't have any of those moments of personal horror as you did in the first game concerning Kratos and his savage past that led him astray--but that's OK. This isn't exactly a game that requires emotional storytelling to get by. God of War II is much more about the journey, the mythos, and the desire to just kill anything that comes within a step of your path.
check out more on Game Spot. i am not adding images, check my earlier posts on gow

Games - innovation awards?

I was goin through my usual fav sites and saw this article on best games - innovation list from

Thats interesting.. And as it should be, it features my alltime fav - God of War and my stressbreaker - burnout.but they left out Prince of Persia, i liked the way it climbs walls and the revive funda..
Anyways this is wat they say
God of War
Need I say anything about GOW, I don't think so. Kratos is one anti-hero that made every gamer realize that your PS2 isn't dead yet. With its cinematic presentation, brilliant design and captivating soundtrack, GOW raced to the top of the every gamer's favorites list. The most innovative boss battles that were so fresh as compared to other hack and slash games. GOW was famous for its boss battles and its replay value, with GOW 2 we can expect even more. "

Burn Out

Burnout is like RoadRash with cars, even better. The game took racing to a new level, a new level of destruction. With cars flying all over the cliffs and highways as you take the down. The idea of a racing game that included combat with out grenade launchers and mines was fantastic. It worked great as Burnout is highly popular and is a favorite with all racing fans. A multiplayer delight best enjoyed with a group of friends.

Shadow of Colossus

Another PS2 exclusive that is a must play, Shadow of Colossus was a great game. The game revolved around a young prince and his quest to save his love, the only way he could that was by killing a more than a few really huge titans called Colossus. The prince would distract the colossus and attack their vital points, till finally they fall down to their feet. Some of these titans were so huge you can't see them fully in a single frame; you have to move your view really high to be able to see them fully. The game included horse riding, a lot of magic and a great soundtrack.

Thats one game i hvnt tried out.. soon will..n GOW II will be the priority

Saturday, March 10

socio networkin

I chanced upon this IndiBlog and a take on orkut vs bebo. should be rare stuff, someone really dscussin bebo this days.. or is it really that good. I forgot bebo the day i got an invite or orkut..way back in 2004.. n till now never looked back..
well th eblog entry was also talkin abt the social networkin inviting trouble, and that bebo is far superior to orkut.. n latter a much patriotic comment ..indians r good techies, n should come up with a better bein one of the contenders for that position.. i believe.
well, I m proud to be an indian, i accept that we have an edge on basic and to an extend even high end tech skills.. but are we still ready for..thinkin out of the box...we will soon, but, on an average, a basic indian would be thinking of survival, rather than creative satisfaction, cause we have been in a socio economic setup - where all of our life, we work towards meetin both ends.. and accomplishing even that was an, slowly as we open up, savor the litle new found sucess and wealth, over a period of time, as a collective entity, our motives in life will cange, from basic existence to much higher levels of aspirations.
Hmm I used to use bebo way long back... When it was more used to remember friends’ b’days... hv’nt checked it recently. But orkut has been a phenomenon…Have been on it since 2004.

On spam n abuse, technology is always 2sided, be it nuclear fission or social networking... the onus of were to draw the line is always with the user...u cant say a ZMA or Pulsar is bad n stop making it, jus because some idiots mimicked john and crashed. Same here

I remember a time, when the problems of fake accounts in yahoo/IRC chat were discussed like a national issue years before...

But, by now, most of us know, were to draw the line. It happened with cam phones also. Rather than going behind the sites, let the users become aware, let the energy, now being spend on trying to stop orkut n youtube be used to spread awareness.

Monday, March 5

Kerala - Picture Perfect

I chanced upon the Kerala Tourism website to find this new campaign to attract the Film Industry..aptly named ..PICTURE PERFECT
......positioning Kerala as a Must be Shot - locale.. Kerala Tourism seems to have learned from Switzerland and Singapore that its easier attracting tourist by getting films shot. After all who can capture the Gods Own landscape better than the Men behind Movie Cams

read on......
'Unique' is a word that cannot be qualified.
It does not mean rare or uncommon; it simply means being one of a kind in the universe. By the grace of God, Kerala is unique. What else can you call a land that has been endowed with natural beauty and cultural wealth beyond compare? And has inspired a thousand minds to see life in a new light? What else can be a more fitting location for myths, legends, fables and dramas to unfold? Here’s more about Kerala as a shooting locale.

More beauty per frame
It is difficult to refrain from using hyperboles and superlatives while describing Kerala. For the beauty and diversity of this state is truly astounding - well-documented by those beaches and backwaters, hill stations and forests that Kerala is synonymous with. But for the discerning eye, there is more. Every slice of this land is beauteous and irrespective of whether it is captured on canvas, paper or on screen, its beauty sparkles, going beyond the medium to entice the onlooker. And the world had a rich sampling of it in Bombay, Dil Se, Mistress of Spices, Nishabdh and many more.

  • One of the ten paradises of the world - National Geographic Traveler
  • Beaches, backwaters, hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries and more
  • A rural landscape dotted with spice plantations and paddy fields
Ram Gopal Varma's Nishabdh was extensively shot in Munnar.

More art per shot
Kerala’s natural beauty has bestowed the land with a rare visual culture, which in turn fostered a rich artistic heritage. Here you’ll experience art all around - not only in museums and galleries, but also in homes and streets, in the courtyards and walls. And this visual culture finds its utmost expression in the vibrant repertoire of art forms and festivals the land conscientiously safeguards - from Kathakali to Kalaripayattu, Panchavadyam to Pooram. Their richness has added life and colour to many a scene, their beauty has complemented many an inspiring moment onscreen.
  • Highly defined visual culture
  • Immense cultural and artistic wealth
  • Wide repertoire of art forms and festivals
Thekkady and Munnar were featured in Mani Ratnam’s Dil Se.

More plots per story
Kerala inspires! There is enchantment in every square kilometre of the land - not just in the backwaters, beaches or hill stations; but also in the lush paddy fields and spice plantations, in the quaint towns and streets, in the monsoons. For Kerala, these are living, breathing entities; an integral part of the land’s social and cultural milieu; its Muse. This is perhaps epitomized well by the Nila nadi (river Bharathapuzha) by whose banks have blossomed a thousand storylines and celluloid dreams. This is perhaps why Kerala could nurture many men and women who have made their mark globally in the field of art, especially cinema.

  • Truly inspiring ambience
  • Highly talented people
  • Rich legacy in filmmaking
Gurinder Chadha’s Mistress of Spices was partly shot in Munnar.

More images per set
A unique blend of cultures, Kerala offers a variety of looks and moods, predominantly through its diverse architectural styles - British, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and more - that are remainders of its age-old ties with other countries. For instance, Fort Kochi in Ernakulam district, which provided the ideal backdrop for the Merchant-Ivory Productions' period film, Cotton Mary, takes you several centuries back in time. Architecture apart, nature has also contributed its share. Munnar, for instance, has the charm of Scotland; the beautiful waterways of Alappuzha beat the visual splendour of Venice; the waterfalls of Athirapally have the ferocity of the Niagara. A diversity that helps filmmakers translate their concept with complete authenticity.
  • Diversity in look and feel
  • Locations unique in style and character
  • Architecture conforming to different styles and eras
Fort Kochi offered the right ambience for Ismail Merchant's Cotton Mary.

More locales per schedule
What is perhaps remarkable about Kerala as a shooting location is the fact that all major destinations are within an hour or two from each other. Which means moving around from one location to another is a breeze, well complemented by the wide network of roads and rails.A salubrious climate makes travelling even more pleasant. Except for the monsoon season from June to August, Kerala offers fresh air and sunshine all through the year. Which also means you have at least nine months of fair weather to shoot in. A picture-perfect scenario!
  • Exotic locales close to one another
  • Easy transfers
  • Pleasant climate
Historic Bekal lent the backdrop for a song sequence in Mani Ratnam’s Bombay.

Fact file
Location: Southwestern tip of India

Area: 38,863 sq km
Shoreline: 600 kms
Backwaters: 900 kms (navigable)
Sanctuaries: 13 sanctuaries, 5 National Parks
Population: 3,18,38,619 (census 2001)
Capital: Trivandrum
Language: Malayalam, English is widely spoken
Religion: Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam
Climate: Tropical
Summer: February - May (24 - 33oc)
Monsoon: June - September (22 - 28oc)
Winter: October - January (22 - 32oc)

Check out the Kerala Tourism website for stunning videos and pics and me, it doesnt look like the typical Indian Gov Websites.

Gods OwnShores

Go Sailing in God's Own Country

You may have seen, admired and experienced some of the captivating sights on land in God’s Own Country.

For those who are on the lookout for a new experience, a change from their tryst with land, while in Kerala, Opt for an experience on the turquoise waters of the Arabian Sea, get on board on one of the elegant yachts operated by ‘The Malabar Yacht Club’ located at Mattanchery in Kochi.

Called Gazelles, the yachts and the facilities at the club are being promoted by the Kondo Syokai Group, who is credited for operating the first yacht charter in India. Each yacht is manned by a crew of two and can accommodate six sleeping guests comfortably. The yachts also feature facilities like toilet, shower and galley.

The yacht club currently offers sailing holidays in India, in the Lakshadweep Islands and in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The sailing options from Kochi includes coastal sailing, which is day sailing in and around the costal waters of Kochi. During the cruise, guests on board can enjoy waterside views of Mattanchery, Fort Kochi, Bolghatty Island, Vypin Island and the array of Chinese fishing nets and can enjoy the company of dolphins by the side of the boat. The waters off the cost offer ideal conditions for swimming and obviously one can relax and can bite into some of the food delights served on board.

As part of their sailing holidays in India, the yacht club does coastal sailing trips from Kochi with overnight sail to Cherai and Marari beaches. Sailing to the mesmerizing coral islands of Lakshadweep and also to the breathtaking Andamans and Nicobar Islands are other options offered by the yacht club to its guests.

Kondo Syokai Leisure India

12/167 Thykootathil House

Kannmali P.O. Kochi-682008

Kerala, India

+91 934 924 7899