Wednesday, January 10

Ipod Phone is now Official

Specs time:

quad-band GSM/EDGE phone
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but no 3G
11.6mm thick: apparently thinner than all those other anorexic smart phones
2-megapixel camera
iPod connector, mic input, and speaker jack
Proximity sensor: when it's close to your ear, the touch screen and display shut down
"Smart" screen knows which way to orient images depending on how you hold it; wide-screen playback for videos
Highest-resolution Apple screen of all time
Mac OS X operating system
Touch screen interface, no stylus
Full-on applications--more PC-like than mobile device-like
"Visual voice mail"
Safari Web browser
POP3 and IMAP e-mail capabilities--real e-mail, not mobile version
Seamless integration between EDGE and Wi-Fi
Flash memory
5 hours of talk, video, and browsing time; 16 hours of audio playback
8GB model, $599 with a two-year contract
4GB model, $499
Shipping in June