Thursday, January 25

God of War II - nearing D DAY

With my alltime favorite GOW sequel getting ready to be released on March 13, I am all excited to re-live be as raw as possible, to bring out those true animal instincts... slice away those undead soldiers..well i found GOW to be my best stress reliever after a bad day at work!!!

Lets talk abt GOW II. first, my hearty thanks once again to sony, for releasing GOW II on PS2, so would millions of other PS2 gamers. That millions of users must be the only reason why GOW II is being released on PS2. another reason should be that the God of War engine is already done and ready-made for a relatively quick sequel. God of War II was on display at Sony's Electronic Entertainment Expo 2006 booth, and featured is a relatively lengthy, very detailed demo that gives a very good indication of what one can expect from the game; namely, much of the same brand of violent, epic action that made the first game so amazing, and a few new twists to boot.

The demo begins with a very short introduction showing the kinda, sorta hero of our story, Kratos, once again descending from some great distance at rapid speed. A bit of voice-over comes on, featuring the voice of the same narrator from the original game. This doesn't last long, however, as Kratos immediately drops in on an in-game level. A bit of exploration reveals this level to be something of a dark, ugly jungle environment, with an ancient temple of some sort taking up the bulk of the real estate.

for Full demo comentary check out gamespot

What I feel is that Sony is making a sequel that makes GOW fan/gamer at home and retains many of the gameplay qualities of the first game, as well as the same sort of epic aesthetic presentation and mean-spirited tone.