Monday, December 31

Hilton Towers

Hilton towers in Marine Drive, Mumbai all lit up to welcome the New Year
Megas Alexandros

Arun Muralidhar

Wednesday, December 26

A rather Dull Christmas

Compared to Kerala, Christmas has been dull in Mumbai. This time I feel it was even more dull with no much lights around. Well Mumbai seems to celebrate Christmas along with Diwali, I find more stars on Windows during Diwali. The first time I saw stars on Diwali, I thought, Mumbai gets ready for Christmas 2 months in advance!

Monday, December 24

PSP Lite

I need this..

I have suddenly developed a facination for the new PSP lite, and I might go ahead and gift myself the same.
PS3 may wait.. so will Infinity Kappa 6.1 perfect

Sunday, December 9

Porsche in mumbai

Porsche on display at its south mumbai outlet


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Monday, December 3

Old pic

Smokey all excited and eager to get her new toy.

My wedding car

Last year, nov 23. Its 7 yrs old. Still looks good.


We on our way back from BLore.

High way

High way to home. I was trying to get the full moon. It didnt come out well with the moon looking like another street light.


We on our way back from BLore.

Smokey bored

Just before sleeping off


Smokey slept off while playing with her fav ball

Sunday, December 2

Tea shed

A view from the tea shed. Again a night shot using my k850i. I love the way the lights look in this pic.


Too good a vitara

Sunday, September 16

300 OST - Tyler Bates

And here comes the OST for Warner Bros " 300 " by Tyler Bates. I found this torrent link on the net and thought of having it here. Torrents are so better than the regular downloads we have, especially for countries like India, were we still have many with dial ups and 128k cable modem.

use this link here Tyler Bates-300-(OST)-2007-KzT

*use of torrents and P2P networks may not be legal in your country. Please check the same before using the link.

Saturday, September 15

the wait for i pod touch

woke up this morning to this good news from my friend that Apple's god machine is hitting Indian shores shortly. billed to be in India by mid October with a +18k Indian Rupees sticker price, I think it will become on those most desired Diwali gift.

For all those who don't have that right contact in USA and don't have the heart to risk getting a Grey market i pod touch, there is only one option, and thats to wait.

Else, head for the nearest Grey market and book one now, yep i checked out, there is pre-order with Grey market also!!. 10 days ago, i was told that i pod touch would be available anytime soon. probably its already here. according to them, the Grey market price should settle at around +12k Indian Rupees for the 8 GB. Last month, video ipod 30 gb was available at 10k in the grey market while the actual ticker price was hovering above 15k Indian Rupees. that makes a proce tag of 12k Indian Rupees for an ipod touch in the Grey market believable.

so I am gona wait till October. thats just another 15 days ahead. It already have been a long wait and so 15 days makes sense to get a cool bargain.

One of my friends have gone ahead and and took a HTC touch, after being fed up waiting for that elusive iPhone. Might be the last laugh will be mine

Thursday, September 13

300 and the battle of thermopylae

deeply imoved by the movie "300", I was looking for the real story behind the movie and found huge amount of information at various sites. thought of consolidating the same, with due credits to the original publishers. King Leonidas by Jacques-Louis David (1814)

The battle of thermopylae took place in year 480 BC. King Leonidas of sparta faced a massive persian army with just 300 spartans along with 700 thespians. This last stand against the massive army of Xerxes I of Persia (Xerxes the Great) at the hot gates (pass of thermoplyae) gave Greek army the much needed time to raise and launch a successful defense against Xerses.

Though King Leonidas fell, the Persian army suffered massive losses, hugely disproportionate to Greeks. The subsequent Greek victory at the Battle of Salamis left much of the Persian Empire's navy destroyed and Xerxes was forced to retreat back to Asia.

King Leonidas's last stand at thermopylae is considered as one of the bravest in human history and is used as an example to teach management lessons on the advantages of training, equipment, and good use of terrain as force multipliers. King Leonidas and his 300 men have since then become the source for inspiration and courage to stand against overwhelming odds.

Leonidas and his men repulsed the frontal attacks of the Persians for the first two days, killing roughly 20,000 of the enemy troops and losing very few of their own. The Persian elite unit known to the Greeks as "the Immortals" were held back, and two of Xerxes' brothers died in battle. On the third day a Malian Greek traitor named Ephialtes led the Persian general Hydarnes by a mountain track to the rear of the Greeks leading to the fall of Leonidas.

The battle of hermopylae has been the inspiration for Hollywood movies - 'The 300 Spartans' which starred Richard Egan as King Leonidas in 1962 and '300' starring Gerad Butler as the spartan king in 2007.300 is based on the Frank Miller classic graphic novel which is also named "300".
Richard Egan as Leonidas

read more on King Leonidas at wikipedia and 300 spatran '3oo spartan warriors' is a pretty comprehensive website with links to many articles and momentos based on the spartan king Leonidas and his 300 men.

Thursday, September 6

iPod Touch

Ahhhhhh.. my dream device is here.. There has been a long wait on whats going to be the latest update to iPod series. And as expected the wide screen iPod is here, for all those like me, who don't want to combine business cell and entertainment options together.

with this, all those who carry a blackberry and at the same time, wished to have an entertainer like i phone would be happy. Me toooo. N the best part is, i have lost my video i pod a month ago, and was wondering whether to wait or go for a new video i pod. Thankfully, Mr. Jobs seems to have heard my prayer sooner
I m just wondering why, the i pod touch is limited to 16 GB. reason must be high power requirement for the big screen. well, its really good that can browse using safari with wifi. wondering when is wifi really going to catch up in India.

For the time being i am just exited about the fact that I will get 90% of i phone features in this device. Moreover,as it isn't a cellular phone, no issues related to operator. no tie ups, plans to be unhappy about and all.
check out in details about i pod touch at the apple website, which also have some excellent video and images for i pod Touch.

Tuesday, September 4

God of War II Soundtrack

And here comes God of War II soundtrack download link:torrent link - GOWII

Download contents:

Folder icon God Of War II OST
Icon for image filetype 00 - God Of War II.bmp (1.03 megabyte)
Icon for image filetype 00 - God Of War II.jpg (64.09 kilobyte)
Icon for info filetype 00 - God Of War II.nfo (1.22 kilobyte)
Icon for playlist filetype 00 - SCEA - God Of War II Ost.m3u (2.4 kilobyte)
Icon for sound filetype 01 - God Of War II - Main Titles.mp3 (3.46 megabyte)
Icon for sound filetype 02 - The Glory Of Sparta.mp3 (3.67 megabyte)
Icon for sound filetype 03 - The Way Of The Gods.mp3 (2.6 megabyte)
Icon for sound filetype 04 - Colossus Of Rhodes.mp3 (2.49 megabyte)
Icon for sound filetype 05 - The Bathhouse.mp3 (2.46 megabyte)
Icon for sound filetype 06 - Death Of Kratos.mp3 (4.73 megabyte)
Icon for sound filetype 07 - The End Begins.mp3 (2.27 megabyte)
Icon for sound filetype 08 - Typhon Mountain.mp3 (3.82 megabyte)
Icon for sound filetype 09 - Waking The Sleeping Giant.mp3 (2.18 megabyte)
Icon for sound filetype 10 - Battle For The Skies.mp3 (2.66 megabyte)
Icon for sound filetype 11 - Exploring The Isle.mp3 (2.72 megabyte)
Icon for sound filetype 12 - The Isle Of Creation.mp3 (3.89 megabyte)
Icon for sound filetype 13 - The Summit Of Sacrifice.mp3 (2.99 megabyte)
Icon for sound filetype 14 - An Audience With Cronos.mp3 (2.5 megabyte)
Icon for sound filetype 15 - The Barbarian King Returns.mp3 (2.39 megabyte)
Icon for sound filetype 16 - Bog Of Lost Souls.mp3 (2.77 megabyte)
Icon for sound filetype 17 - Battle In The Bog.mp3 (2.4 megabyte)
Icon for sound filetype 18 - Crossing The Lowlands.mp3 (2.43 megabyte)
Icon for sound filetype 19 - Atlas.mp3 (4.19 megabyte)
Icon for sound filetype 20 - Palace Of The Fates.mp3 (3.23 megabyte)
Icon for sound filetype 21 - Phoenix Rising.mp3 (2.55 megabyte)
Icon for sound filetype 22 - Ashen Spire.mp3 (1.25 megabyte)
Icon for sound filetype 23 - Athena.mp3 (1.18 megabyte)
Icon for sound filetype 24 - The Battle For Olympus.mp3 (3.71 megabyte)
Icon for sound filetype 25 - Junkie XL Colossus Remix.mp3 (4.89 megabyte)
Icon for sound filetype 26 - Blood Of Destiny.mp3 (3.24 megabyte)
Icon for sound filetype 27 - God-Like.mp3 (2.68 megabyte)
Icon for sound filetype 28 - Atlas Remembers (Bonus Track).mp3 (4.87 megabyte)
Icon for sound filetype 29 - Kratos And Atropos (Bonus Track).mp3 (1.86 megabyte)
Icon for sound filetype 30 - Pursuing Destiny (Bonus Track).mp3 (4.19 megabyte)
Icon for sound filetype 31 - Theme Of Fates (Bonus Track).mp3 (2.58 megabyte)