Tuesday, October 17

Bravo MTNL

" Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) and IOL Broadband have rolled-out India's first IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) service. IOL Broadband has entered into a strategic partnership with MTNL for providing Content Delivery Network.

IPTV is a system wherein digital quality television service is delivered to consumers using Broadband connection. According to IOL sources, IPTV services are gaining tremendous momentum world-wide, since the beginning of 2006, and this roll-out is poised to bring India into the bracket of technically advanced countries, while making next generation entertainment services available in the country.

It is estimated that already 2 million IPTV connections have been booked world-wide. The subscriber base is expected to reach 10 million by year 2007. MTNL will offer IPTV services to its existing 2.2 million subscribers in Mumbai in the first phase."

Way to go, MTNL. gone are the days when MTNL n BSNL were considered to be lagards in taking technology seriously. Days when, even i used to wonder, what would hapen to the copperwire based giants, loosing market to mobile n wireless telephony.
Technology rewrites the company's future. now these two giants provide the best of services at the best rates. superfast internet and now even IPTV.
Now i wonder, what will hapen to WLL services from reliance n TATA. might be, technologial innovation will rewrite their future too...