Sunday, August 6

Wonderin Abt Kollam

I am a memberof Kollam Community in ORKUT... N there was this topic abt URBAN Development in Kollam ... below is wat i thought abt it..

Basic fault is - city administration ( both elected n buerocratic) is so busy engrossed in meetin day to day activities n stuff, that there is no formulation of clear vision, that needs to be evolved..

Once when we hve a vision, a dream that, we can work towards it..
We should learn as to how world class cities are grown, I stress on Grown, n not run, as we dont hve to learn how to run worldclass cities till the time we create or atleast look forward to creating one.

For a sustainable City growth , we should look at europe, one a lesser level PUNE..the base of the city should be its Human resources or Skill Level.. We need atleast 10 colleges lke TKM n 2 med colleges, n then u can see an automatic arrival of Knowledge Industry at our door steps...

It necessarly doesnt need to be Eng or Med colleges, bring in quality Hospitality managements instiutes or Film training institutes .. the CITY will grow...

HOW many of US , in this community of 500, are willin to activily get involved and create a vision.. Might be avery few.., cause we too dont hve time..Very Very Very busy..during mundane repetitive tasks day after day.. with the only vision possiblily being.. finishing of the credit card bills n emi's

PHEW!!!After reading What I have written above.. i remember my Boss's fav. words..ARON!! MAn this is Utter BullSHITT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!