Saturday, February 21

2016 AMG GT S

If there is one thing that would make me let go of a souped up G63, it's a AMG GT S. 

AMG achieved the near impossible in bringing to life something finer than the legend SLS AMG. 

The sheer grunt and adrenaline it provides, driving GTS over the winding curves will be as exhilarating as Sky Diving. The inside feels like a lux appointed F16 cockpit! 

It's instantly the Speed Car of choice. A fine statement too

A fine day at track means setting some lap time bets along with friends 

Ah D Roar! 


Pics courtesy: GearPatrol

Mercedes Benz G 4x4^2

Apparently, the current G wagon couldn't thread through some 20% of earth's land mass. 
Stuttgart wanted to set that right. So here comes G4x4squared.

While going almost anywhere a G6x6 can, you won't get stuck in the narrow lanes of East European villages on this either. 

That's a big PLUS right! 

The yellow is deadly and G gets even more oodles of traction with a beefier motor and wheels. 

Limited numbers limited fine cliente