Wednesday, August 26

OnePlus 2 : Lucky, I didn't get a launch week invite

OnePlus 2 : Lucky, I didn't get a launch week invite 

When regular invite queue for Oneplus 2 opened, I was late by a few hours ending up behind 21k request. 

But, as the invite queue crossed 3 million, I saw myself down the queue at 50k+. Considering the demand vs supply and factoring in some 300k special invites, I expected an invite possibly by the 3rd week of August. 

By the third week, I found myself still at 50k+. After doing some #hype work, my position move up to 28k. Over the same time, better device reviews came in concluding OnePlus 2 is just average. The much trumpeted camera features turned out to be dud, I thanked God, for not giving me an invite at the launch week. 

While I dropped my plan, I was looking at the numbers and its interesting. 

The request sign ups which moved exponentially in first week and at a stable avg. rate 100k/day over second week started to fall over the 3rd week to an avg. of 10k/day. While first week was frenzy by early adopters including me, the second and third week figures directly reflected the average review ratings.

At the same time, there is barely any movement on top of the queue. It took one week to move up 500.

With the average reviews, nothing much to offer, Oneplus attempting the shortage #hype with Oneplus 2 wont be a happy ending for sure. 

Tuesday, August 25

Google Now contextual Info shown on Maps

Saw contextual information at work on Google Maps. While hovering above Trivandrum city, I noticed a date linked to the Airport place-marker. 

Curious about the date, I checked the place info page and voila, that was my flight info. I had a ticket with destination as TRV. Google Now placed it on Maps just because I was panning over the destination city. 

It was my first experience and hence quite surprising. Was the date info was already with Maps since the time Google Now got the itinerary or was the info was passed on just when I browsed over Trivandrum city?